Ride Safe

Prepare Yourself
  • Suitable clothing makes riding easier
  • Thin layers are better than one thick one
  • Bring a waterproof / windproof jacket (one that packs up into your rear pocket)
  • Eat breakfast before you set out
  • Bring a snack for the ride (e.g. energy bar or a banana)
  • Bring a drink (water is fine)
  • We normally stop at a cafĂ© for a drink/snack so bring some cash. It is also sensible to have some additional money available in case of a mechanical breakage
  • Please carry a card with name with emergency numbers (just in case!) or write contact details in your helmet
  • Remember your helmet! (but we won't make you wear one if you choose not to)
Prepare Your Bike
  • Make sure your bike is roadworthy
  • Brakes, tyres, chain and lights should all be in good working order
  • Inflate your tyres to the recommended pressure
  • In the winter you are advised to bring lights and use mudguards
  • Bring a pump and repair kit (e.g. spare inner tubes, patches, tyre levers)

Winter Weather Conditions
  • The back roads that make up our delightful routes are unfortunately unlikely to be treated with grit in frosty conditions. The ride captain may therefore cancel a ride if he/she considers that the road conditions could be unsafe: this will be done in advance whenever possible.
  • Please check the Facebook page if the weather is cold.